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5 Things to Consider Before a Commercial Relocation

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Commercial relocations can be tough. There are a lot of things an organization needs to consider before diving into its big move. This may include the location, communications, your employees, the lease agreements, the office space, and more. To make sure you have a smooth relocation, here are some things you need to think about before the moving day.

Location of Business

Look for a location that provides your business with a strategic advantage. The location of a business is crucial to the smooth running of processes and cost-effectiveness. You first need to consider what benefits are you seeking from this move. Search for a location that provides all the benefits. See if the location meets your business needs. Once you’re completely sure about the location, proceed to negotiations and agreements.

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Designing the New Space

Once you’ve leased or bought your new office space, it’s time to design it according to your needs. Your design can depend on a lot of things. Some of the major things to consider are:

  • Purpose of the Space– You’ll have to design it according to the purpose it will serve. The design of a retail outlet is way different from the design of offices.
  • Your Brand– If you’re designing a space that is reflective of your brand, you might want to have the essence of your brand in your design. For example, if you’re a fast-fashion company that targets youth, you might want your offices to give a young, bright, and cheerful vibe.
  • Space Utilization – You might have to decide what type of space utilization you’re looking for. Are you looking for space maximization? What kind of work environment do you have? Do you want interactive or private spaces? All these things will help you to decide the type of space you’ll have.
  • Important Features – List down all the things you want your space to have. For example, if you’re designing an office, you might want interactive spaces, conference rooms, a small café, kitchen, reception area, private workspaces, etc.


It’s important to communicate about your move to all your stakeholders, employees, customers, and clients. To make sure you communicate effectively, design a communication plan well in advance and roll it out before the move. You’ll have to design different communication plans for each of your audiences.

Planning Your Move

You need to have a solid moving plan to make sure there aren’t any delays. Some of the things that your relocation plan should have are:

  • Date of Relocation– Look for a time when the business is the slowest. Make sure to schedule your move in the middle of the slowest period so that you have enough time to pack and unpack.
  • Employees– If you’re moving your office space, you’ll have to consider the working arrangement for your employees. You can have them work from home so that their work isn’t disrupted.
  • Movers– You need to hire a commercial mover. Make sure to plan your relocation with your movers.
  • Communication – As mentioned above, you need to design an in-depth communication plan for all your audiences. Make sure to decide on the dates of the rollout.

Hiring Experienced Movers

Start looking for movers early on. Make sure your commercial movers have the experience and resources to handle such a commercial move. If you’re looking for such professionals, contact Valley Relocation. We’re a commercial office moving company that provides relocation services in San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento. For more information, visit our website.

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