Commercial E-Waste, Donations, and Disposal Services.

Make your E-Waste, Donations, & Disposals part of your Move Plan.

Commercial Office E-waste Pick up

Picking up Commercial E-waste and Donations items

Business Donations like these chairs are a write off

Donated unwanted office furniture

Instead of Commercial EWaste items going disposal yard recycle them

File cabinets should be recycled

E-Waste donation qualifies for Tax Deduction

E-Wastes qualifies for a tax deduction

Our Moving Services can include E-Waste, Donation, & disposal drops.

Moving offices or a business is the perfect time to donate unwanted items!

Valley Relocation sees the difference a donation can make to an organization in need. As professional movers, we see a lot of E-Waste. As well as items that should be donated rather than end up in a landfill. Thus, it makes sense to offer customers our business donation services when we are moving them. Delivery to an organization or recycle plant is the right thing to do! In this day in age, there is no reason nor excuse that E-waste of any kind is not recycled. Likewise, unwanted office furniture or equipment. If it can be refurbished or it’s in working condition. Donate it!

Valley Relocation is happy to offer a Certificate of Destruction (COD) to customers. This document is proof that your materials have been securely destroyed. 

Moving out of a business location or office is a large event. It’s the perfect time to get rid of unwanted office equipment. Our business donation services include move plans that help decide what is: E-Waste, a Donation, or which items should be broken down for disposal.

Selling or donating these Commercial Office Equipment items is a great way to off-set the cost of your move. Good Read: Guide to Office Equipment Recycling

Filing Cabinets
Cubicle Partitions and Accessories
Computers and Electronics

Local Bay Area Recycle Centers

  • Sims Metals
  • Recycling & Resource Recovery Systems
  • Standard Iron & Metal
  • Berkeley Recycling Center
  • Our Planet Recycling S.F.
  • OLM Recycling Services
  • Refund Recycle Center
  • Aaron Metals
  • Rapid Recycle [E-Waste]

Meet our solution for E-Waste Disposal. 

Commercial E-Waste Wasterasers

Together we ensure Commercial E-Waste Services get recycled or donated.

WastErasers assists both OEMs and end-users in the reduction of their electronic equipment waste. WastErasers merges recycling expertise with logistics capabilities. This combination provides a solution to the growing problem of rapidly accumulating unwanted electronic equipment.

The following items are E-Waste:
  • Servers / Hard Drives
  • PC’s / Laptops
  • Network Equipment
  • Phone Systems
  • Chips and Components
  • Raw Materials
  • Bio  / Lab Equipment
  • Cell Phones
  • Wire and Cabling
  • Switches
  • Printers  / Scanners
  • Monitors / Key Boards
  • Accepting Office and Business Donations:
      • Goodwill
      • Salvation Army Stores and Centers
      • ARF Thrift Store
      • Habitat for Humanity Re-Store
      • Hospice Thrift Shoppers
      • Churches
      • Community Centers
      • Freecycle
      • iLoveSchools
      • Vietnam Veterans of America
      • Operation Give
      • Muscular Dystrophy Association
      • National Cristina Foundation

      Call (800) 284-6285

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