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We’re Nearby Office Movers who design Exit Plans to Meet Schedules!

Office Relocations without a plan can lose money and time.

Decommission for a business or an office is one of many facility support moving services we provide. Valley Relocation can manage the entire business moving project. We are professional office movers, so the size and space do not matter. Our packers and movers can vacate an individual office, floors, or an entire building.

The majority of commercial buildings’ prescribed procedures must meet real estate lease schedules. These transitions are the most critical aspect of office decommission. Our teams have helped businesses in all industries manage space turnover. 

Most importantly, our business moving process is cost-effective and environmentally responsible. Office relocation events need a business moving company that can complete decommissioning while following procedures. 

Our Business Moving Decommission Services can include:

Disassembly and removal of office furniture

Furniture & equipment packing and loading for transportation

Recycling and donation drops

Completing an inventory of your excess office furnishings

Photographing of all product to be decommissioned

Labeling items to be moved and where, e.g., new location, donation, or disposal

Relocation to our warehouse(s) or your storage facilities


Broom-cleaning of the decommissioned space

Due to the pandemic, our Office Decommissioning Services are in high demand. Schedule a site survey and secure your move date. Waiting could delay your office relocation plans.

Successful relocation starts with office movers invested in the move.

First and foremost, successful office relocations and decommission starts with a site survey. With that said, seeing an office space in person does not compare to a phone conversation. Our representative must meet someone at the move’s location that understands their office move’s scope of work.

Each office decommissioning project is different in scope and may involve a service that another may not require. For this reason, we offer multiple services that may be “in the scope of work” for one project but not a necessary expense for another. To make certain all scopes are met, we customized solutions for each space. To be clear, each room, each item in it, gets its own exit plan from the IT Data Center to the breakroom. A site walk will reveal what items we need to pay close attention to. For instance, these could be items needing special handling and packing needs or involve particular moving logistics.

Valley Relocation is an expert in relocation transition management.

With our experience in business moving, customers can focus on the entire office relocation transition. Many in management roles set their sights on forging ahead. They are not concerned about what may be left behind at the office they are vacating or what will be disposed of. Consequently, this is a mistake. Your office exit plan is critical. To be candid, if you don’t follow your lease agreement terms, you could forfeit your deposit. In addition, resulting in becoming liable for added costs that add up quickly. This leads us to mention, part of the moving expense can be offset by either liquidating your office furniture or donating it. Good Read: Office Space Decommissioning

Sell, recycle, or Donate items that are unwanted (e.g., equipment and furniture):

    • Computers – we can help take out the hard-drive
    • Monitors 
    • Chairs
    • Files
    • Cubicles and workstations
    • Lobby decor and furniture

How to label desk workstations for our Office Movers. 

Label Office Furniture Guide

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