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Getting a Moving Quote (an accurate one) is important.

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Talk with a moving company that’s been in the business of moving since 1985. When we answer, you’ll hear from the minute you call us that we know this business!
First, we provide a moving cost estimate in writing. This is based upon a site survey. The agreement clearing details the date(s) the move is to happen, the move plan, labor, movers, and trucks. It takes out all the guesswork and provides our whole process.

A detailed cost estimate is what Valley Relocation Moving Company provides to each customer. With that said, call us to let our representatives explain our moving process in detail.

You get a dedicated moving team of experts, when you Call us.

The plan is always to move without delays!

Moving requires a well-executed plan. Why? Because without a plan, a business can lose money. A person or entire family moving could lose important items.
There are many moving companies to choose from. All of us at Valley Relocation Moving Company know exactly how to help you plan your move. Most importantly, when you contact us, you get a plan that gets all your items to their designation.

We can move anything anywhere, call us!

Valley Relocation moving company packers and movers are trained. When you contact us, you’re getting professional movers. Each knows how to pack for transport.
Be wary of moving companies that do not have supplies and materials. Nor indicate workforce. Professional moving companies will put in their quote the number of movers that will be on the job.

Move with professional movers, packers, and drivers!

Not all moving companies are created equal. Who is driving your items should be of concern. Valley Relocation Moving Company only hires commercially licensed professional drivers.
Moving your items safely and without damage is our priority! We have four locations: Concord, Benicia, Milpitas, and Sacramento all available when you Contact us, Valley Relocation Moving Company.
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Have a question about Valley Relocation and Storage Moving Services? Our offices are available Monday through Friday, from 7:30 am until 5 pm PST. Call us at (925) 300-4558 or (800) 284-4558