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Valley Relocation: Expert and Reliable Medical Facility Moving Services

Hospital Equipment show is Part of a Cat Scan machine
Medical Equipment Mover handles a fragile X Ray machine
Medical equipment movers have prepare for loading
A Cat Scan Machine is moved into place

Why Choose Us?

Valley Relocation offers “MAC” Move, Add, Change Services to help healthcare facilities with on-site, on-demand moving needs. Our trained and reliable movers can help medical facilities manage and control their budgets and protect valuable medical equipment throughout the transition.

Our MAC Approach Encompasses All Your Hospital Moving And Transitional Needs

Move involves all the physical relocation of equipment. As professionals, we completely understand that it’s not simply picking up something and putting it down elsewhere. Our trained packers and movers make sure all the valuable equipment is disconnected and packaged properly before being shipping to your new facility.

Add helps ensure that the infrastructure is properly maintained and assessed for maximum efficiency and accuracy. We can help make additions that might be required in your new facility in a professional manner.

Change services are installation-oriented, which means helping you get rid of obsolete equipment in an environmentally conscious manner and moving new equipment in.

Choosing Valley Relocation’s medical institution moving services means you’re choosing professional experts for not just your medical equipment moving needs but for your entire hospital and medical facility moving needs. We’re serving medical facilities in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, and numerous other locations in California.

Start by scheduling a site survey, or give us a call now at (800) 284-6285.

We are the Medical Equipment Mover that can move anything anywhere!

Dentist & Doctor offices

Dentist Office move included dentist chairs
  • Examine Rooms 
  • Small to large offices
  • Conference Rooms

Lab and Biotech Moving

Lab and medical research equipment
  • Climate-Controlled
  • Sensitive Products
  • Lab Equipment

Server Room Relocation

Medical IT Servers moved by Hospital and Medical Facility Movers
  • Servers & Data Centers
  • Desktop & Workstation
  • Disconnect & Reinstall
Valley Relocation recycle and deposit e-waste truck
  • E-Waste Handlers
  • Recycle Drops
  • Disposal Runs

Speciality Rigging Services

Hospital equipment
  • Sensitive Electronic Equipment
  • Large CT Scan Machines
  • XRay Machines

Let’s move your business office! (800) 284-6285

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