Moves, Adds, and Changes Facility Services

Valley Relocation offers all Industry Type Support Services.

Our workforce performs your moves, adds, and changes

Many Businesses save money and time with our support services.

“MAC” Move, Add, Change services is our answer to facilities on-site on-demand moving services. Our services help companies, organizations, and businesses manage and control budgets, people, and assets. Move, add, change needs vary from company to company; they may involve a large move of a full floor office, moving IT equipment and devices to another location, or a complete set-up and tear-down of an outdoor event tent.

Defining our MAC Services

Move: Typically involves the physical relocation of hardware, equipment, and devices. Examples; IT Equipment and Servers or heavy industrial machinery needing special rigging systems to move. It is not as easy as it seems and often involves many more complexities than merely picking something up and putting it down elsewhere. Devices are disconnected and packaged correctly before being shipped to a new facility or location. Failure to adhere to this step could damage expensive and essential equipment, setting companies back financially and chronologically.

​Add: The business world is ever-changing; a facility’s infrastructure inside and out, whether its operations systems or its physical housing, should be continuously maintained and assess to stay efficient for growth and production; additions are mostly to maximize your business’s output. The end goal is to find the most cost-effective and operationally efficient solution.

Change: Most facility changes we perform is installation-oriented. Our onsite job scopes involve removing obsolete lab equipment, printers, and data servers from the property and moving new equipment back in. We are also dissembling outdated and loose cubicles with new ones. 

Mover and Installer removing a vault from an office

Onsite Room to Room Move 

Staging area for a large business move

Staging move area for Tenant Improvement

Working with us is easy!

1. You provide an onsite point of contact with cell number

2. The address e.g., floor(s), building(s) where service is needed

3. The job’s scope of work

4. The date and time you want the service provided

5. Any security clearance forms for badging

6. If a COI is needed, let us know prior to service

Our Valley Relocation crew moving printers

Change Out Obsolete Printers

Installer assembles new work station

Cubicle Assembly or Disassembly

MAC Services Facility Support

Installers, IT Technicians, Movers, Packers, and Drivers

Tools and equipment to complete the job

Available for a full day service or a minimum of 4-hours

Reserved crew-member or teams 

Next day service request (the same-day availability is possible, please call)

MAC Services can be a One-off Project or Ongoing

Moves, Adds, and Changes are designed entirely around the business’s need.

They can be forever changing onsite projects or recurring.

Examples: Recycle or disposal pick-up, warehouse to facility deliveries, or moving a Doctor’s office to another wing of the hospital.

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Warehouse “in & Out” Delivery

Office Furniture Moving within or to another location

Printer, Computer, Hard Drive Relocation


Cubicle installation

New Hire Workstation Set-up and IT Set-up

Chairs, and Desk Assembly

Shelving and Bookcase Installation


Cubicle Reconfiguration

Furniture and Hardware Repairs

Removal of obsolate equipment

Furniture removal or reconfigurations

Call (925) 300-4558 For All Moves, Adds, Changes (MAC)

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