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Moving Equipment and Materials used by Valley Relocation.

Why it’s important you know the moving equipment we use?

Utilizing the right moving equipment & materials protects your items!

If a company you have hired shows up with little to no equipment, supplies, or materials – Turn them away! Whether you’re a commercial business, an office owner or a homeowner, your business or household items, furniture, and large machines are at risk of being damaged!
Valley Relocation and Storage is unlike any other, we’ll never show up unprepared for a moving project. If you’re looking for industrial machinery movers nearby, we’ve got you covered! We can handle household and industrial equipment relocation with ease, ensuring complete safety and security.

The correct moving equipment is part of the move plan.

When a Valley Relocation representative conducts a site survey (job-walk) or even a virtual site survey, they can tell what our crew will need to bring to complete the move. Our representative will recommend what items need a crate and-or need to be disassembled for packing.

Our goal is no surprises on move day.

The most crucial element to a successful move is communication. From our experience, we believe there is no such thing as over-communicating – a well-planned move with the correct moving equipment will go fast.

Depending on your move agreement – determines Supplies & Material.

Our moving agreements include our standard moving equipment. [Large machinery needing to be lifted onto a flatbed trailer or to another area of a facility may require a particular rigging system – we will quote a project like this separately] We bring blankets/pads and all the materials necessary to protect floors and corners. It’s essential to ASK your mover about supplies and materials. No two moving companies’ agreements are the same. Even the equipment we all use isn’t equal. We have our preferences, and we are continually educating ourselves on new moving gear performance and materials.  Good Read. How to tell the difference between moving pads

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Valley Relocation Trailer Fleet
Valley Relocation's semi tracker trailer
Valley Relocation Semi Truck

Moving bulky items doesn’t require a dozen movers with muscles!

It requires working smart from the start!

Commercial or household items such as safes, furniture, file cabinets, glass displays, a refrigerator, or a grand piano require the correct moving equipment. If your moving company arrives with a few blankets and a hand dolly at your business or home. They are not professionals, and your move, your possessions could be in jeopardy!
Valley Relocation’s move crews are meticulous professionals. They will show up on time with ALL the materials and the right equipment to pack and move your items safely.

Moving Tips: PLAN. PACK. MOVE

Roll A Lift use by our Silicon Valley Moving Company
Used for School library book moves and Office Computers Servers
Library Cart & Machine Cart
Office & Industrial Valley Relocation boxes
Office and Industrial (O&I) Containers
Refrigerator Refer Dolly
Refer (Refrigerator) Dolly
4 wheels essential
Four-Wheel Dollies
Partition Cart used for office cubicles
Partition Cart for Cubicle Panel Moving
Valley Relocation Colored Labels
Colored Labels
rigging system for hefty machines
Rigging System Dollies
Blankets and Straps you can never bring enough
Blankets and Straps more is better
Simple concept box on wheels called a Speed Packs
Speed Packs
Lift Gate on a Valley Truck
Lift Gate
Use for lifting pallets is a Pallet Jack Jack
Pallet Jack
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