Moving Tips ~Plan, Pack & Move.

Preparing for a Household Move

Valley Relocation’s Household Moving Plan Best Practices 

Moving tips can help keep everyone moving in the right direction.

Moving, packing, and planning should go hand in hand. The day you learn you will be moving is the day you need to implement a move plan. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving six months from now or in six days. Start your move process by calling Valley Relocation. We are experts at executing a move plan. The first thing we will do is schedule your moving day(s).

Moving and Packing Tips how to wrap a couch prep floor

Most important Moving Tip

“Be Ready for the Movers on Move Day!”

Keep in mind there are many things you may want to pack yourself even if you hire a full-service packing and moving company like Valley Relocation. If you can not pack yourself, we are a trusted northern California residential mover, and we can pack everything for you.

Our moving and packing tips are based on our mover agreement. Moving really is personal. It’s another reason to get to know us before moving day. We are fully cooperative and safety assertive.


Moving Tips: Before Moving Day

 Top 5 things to do before the move

1. Take photos of valuables; include serial numbers

2. Notify service providers; e.g., phone company, internet provider, garbage service

3. Forward your USPS Mail

4. Start using up food in the refrigerator freezer and pantry

5. Decide if you’re moving your appliances

Arrange to have gas shut-off (especially if you are moving a gas stove)

Do not have water or electrical turned off until after the move day

Arrange for childcare and pet sitting

Make donations of the things you’re not moving, either drop-off or arrange for pick-up

Decide what to do with your house plants. If you cannot take them, give them to friends or donate them to nursing homes, restaurants, or businesses 

Please get rid of gas cans, paint, fertilizers, hazardous materials (Most movers, including us, will not move these items). Department of Toxic Substances Control is a California. Gov site with resources to get rid of hazardous waste.


Moving Tips: Packing

Top 5 packing tips

1. Start packing items that you don’t feel comfortable having the movers pack for you

2. Pack non-essentials items first; jewelry, heirlooms, confidential documents, seasonal clothes, extra dishes, pots, and pans

3. Use towels and socks to pack breakables, e.g., fine-China, knick-knacks, lamps, vases, chandeliers

4. Label packing boxes by color per room associated with (helps at move destination when unpacking)

5. Secure opened bottles, e.g., shampoo, cleaning supplies, dish soap, cooking oil, spices

The garage and the shed. These are spaces most people leave for last. Tackle them first. Why? Because these could be used as a staging areas during bad weather

Outdoor maintenance equipment, if not electrical, drain the gas tanks and secure the oil tank. Wrap in plastic. Avoid oil spills during transportation. Avoid a tangled mess. Wrap electrical cores up with wire or twist ties. 

Tools are expensive to replace, plan on packing them


Moving Tips: Moving Day

Top 5 things that delay a moving crew!

1. Parking space for the truck(s) is blocked or taken

2. Gates and doors are locked

3. House plants haven’t been moved to a designated area

4. Path of travel is blocked, e.g., hoses, bikes, toys

5. Beds have not been stripped

Make sure your phone is charged

Leave out some basic cleaning supplies

Pack a moving essentials bag for yourself, your family, and your pet(s)

Plan for bad weather; plastic bags, painter tarps, rags, & towels

To avoid things being loaded in the moving truck(s) that shouldn’t, put them in a designated area and/or put signs on them, e.g., STAYS, NOT MOVING, DO NOT TOUCH

Be present, but not in the way of the movers

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