Moving Office Tips; To Plan, Pack & Move.

Preparing for an Office Move

Valley Relocation’s Office Moving Tips and Plan Best Practices 

Moving tips can help keep everyone moving in the right direction.

Locating to a new office space takes just as much planning as moving out of a home. These first three moving office tip steps are important.

1. After securing the new business office location. Plan your office move. Don’t wait!

2. Appoint a manager. Someone with knowledge of what’s moving and where. This person will be working with us. They need to be available on-site and by cell phone.

3. If the office is heavily equipped with IT Technology, the first thing to do is to have your IT person speak with our BluLightTech manager. A technology move plan needs to be in place, so your business has little to no downtime. Disconnecting and reconnecting servers and hard drives is more important than moving office furniture.

4. Have your office staff label their workstations. This way, all items remain together for off-loading and assembly at the new location. Valley Relocation will supply various colored labels.

Find out your building rules.

You will need to get a full breakdown of all building rules around relocating. That is unless you own the building you are moving out of or into. There may be rules for moving that apply. For instance, you may only be able to move in or out during non-business hours. A special request form may have to be filled out to have exclusive use of the service elevator. Get these rules from building management as early as you can. The rules may dictate the logistics of moving day.

A Certificate of Insurance may need to be submitted to the management of the new building. Valley Relocation is always prepared to submit our COI.

Work closely with a Valley Relocation representative.

It’s the job of our representative and project manager to work with your office move manager. Together they will make an inventory. During this process, they will point out items needing special packing and handling care.

Ask lots of questions. We’ve been moving since 1985. We have a lot of packing and moving tips!

Office Moving Tips keep staff out of the office on move day

On moving day limit the number of employees in the office.

If your employees can work at home on move day, please let them. Moving can be dangerous. Our installers will be disassembling office cubicles and furniture. Safety is our priority. Valley Relocation movers must work without interruption and without having to move items around your employees. Too many people in one area can delay our move crew.

Coordination is one part of a moving event. The other is organization.

Our movers are trained, as are our packers. Together they stage items moving for donation or disposal. We ask that you don’t have your staff lift items that require special moving equipment. The most relevant office moving tip we stress; let us bring our moving equipment and have our movers do the heavy lifting.

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Most important Office Moving Tip!

“Be Ready for the Movers on Move Day!”

Keep in mind there are many things you may want to pack yourself even if you hire our full-service packing and moving company. 

Our moving and packing tips are per the customer’s move agreement. Valley Relocation is fully cooperative and safety assertive. If something isn’t right let us know immediately!

Office Moving Tips for labeling a office workstation


Moving Tips: Before Moving Day

1.Take photos of office items; include serial numbers

2. Notify service providers; e.g., phone company, internet provider, cleaning service

3. Forward your USPS Mail

4. Start using up food in the breakroom refrigerator

5. Decide if you’re moving your appliances

Keep the water and electrical on until after the move is done

Make donations of the things you’re not moving, either drop-off or arrange for pick-up


Moving Tips: Packing

1. Take personal items out of desk workstations

2. Remove any food items out of desk workstations

3. Don’t empty aluminum or metal file cabinets. These can be moved filled. If you empty them, they will collapse when stacked.

4. Label individual workstations; include desk accessories, monitor, hard drive, printer, office mat. Any item that is to be moved to the new location.

5. Make a list of what is in each packing box

Office equipment and printers are expensive to replace, plan on packing them


Moving Tips: Moving Day


1. No Available Parking spaces for moving truck(s)

2. Gates and doors are locked

3. Office plants are in the way

4. Paths of travel are not open, e.g., blocked by staff personnel boxes

5. No exclusive access to the freight elevator (or any elevator)

Charge your phone and make sure its on

Leave out some basic cleaning supplies

To avoid things being loaded in the moving truck(s) that shouldn’t, put them in a designated area and/or put signs on them, e.g., STAYS, NOT MOVING, DO NOT TOUCH

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