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Valley Relocation – School and University Movers

Commercial Movers for Schools, Universities, Libraries, College Dorms, and Educational Facilities

Valley Relocation: Professional School and University Movers

Valley Relocation offers specialized relocation services for schools and universities in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, and numerous locations in California. Our professional packers and movers will ensure smooth and efficient moving operation in a cost-effective manner.

When it comes to college student dorms and library moving, professional services are required to ensure a safe and smooth transition. For such a task, you need experienced and reliable movers, and that’s precisely what we offer at Valley Relocation. We will begin with a site survey and plan your transition according to your needs.

Our trained staff has experience as dorm room movers and library movers, and will ensure maximum customer satisfaction throughout the entire process of packing, transportation, and placing everything exactly where it belongs. It doesn’t matter whether the relocation is small or large; our commercial relocation services are designed to handle all sorts of moving projects.

We also provide commercial warehouse and storage facilities if you need them. We also have experience handling IT equipment, paying precise attention to detail throughout the transition. From valuable library books to computer hardware, our focus is always on ensuring safety and proper configuration on the new site.

Not every School, College, and University Mover is a professional.

When hiring a moving expert for your educational facility moving project, make sure the sales representative walks the move. If they don’t offer to meet at the location, they’re not the professionals’ movers they say they are.
Each sales rep is trained to see what items should be suggested to move first or staged for moving later. Our representative will point out items that need to be disassembled for safe transportation. The sales rep will point out the safest travel path for loading. Once the move dates are secured, our sales rep and one of our moving project managers will revisit the move location. Together they will make sure the move’s time frame has built-in flexiablity to complete the move and any disassembly successfully.

Why Choose Our Educational Institution Relocation Moving Company?

The “MAC” Move, Add, Change Services helps carry out school or college facility moving seamlessly. With an experienced educational facility mover like the Valley Relocation crew, you don’t just get items moved. We can also help with light maintenance projects, such as patch and paint or cleaning carpets.
As an experienced educational institution moving company, we’ll handle all your equipment and items with meticulous care and ensure that everything is placed and configured exactly the way you want in your new facility. From college dorm rooms to library and classroom moving as well as IT equipment, we can cover all your moving needs with our trained professionals. We can also help your educational facility with any commercial e-waste disposal if you’re looking to make upgrades.
Choose Valley Relocation to get superior commercial moving services that will make the transition to your new facility much easier and more expedient. Valley Relocation serves repeat clients in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, and numerous other locations in California.


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