Job or Career, join Valley Relocation Moving Logistics Company.

“Our Moving Logistics Company offers a Stable Job or Career.”

Dave Calhoun, President

Job and Career Professional Mover for Moving Logistics Company
Job and Career Professional Packer Opportunities
Job or Career as a Driver for Valley Relocation
Installer is a job or career at Valley Relocation Moving Logistics Company
job or career here is an IT Tech working for our Moving Logistics Company

We don’t always advertise for job openings.

Why? Because our best employees find us!

At Valley Relocation, we never pass on the opportunity to talk with great people. Whether it is a job or career you want – the moving industry is always hiring!

Moving and logistics is a big business! Employment in all fields is usually wanted. For the most part, it is not because people leave and seek new opportunities elsewhere. Here at Valley Relocation and Storage, many leave to retire.

Helping people and businesses relocate is rewarding. No two days are ever the same. In our line of business, we get to meet people from all walks of life. 

Our workforce:

  • Movers
  • Packers
  • Drivers
  • Installers (work with tools) MAC Services
  • Logistics Agent
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Customer Coordinators
  • IT Equipment Moving Relocation Tech

Valley Relocation and Storage operates out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Office and Warehouses locations in Concord, Sacramento, Milpitas, and Benicia. We are an affiliate for North American Van Lines and an Agent for CRST.

Moving Logistic Services we provide to customers every day.

A professional mover moving office workstations
  • Move Floor Plans 
  • Material Delivery
  • Packing & Unpacking
Commercial Mover uses blankets to protect lab equipment
  • Climate-Controlled
  • Sensitive Products
  • Lab Equipment
Moving a large data system server
  • Servers & Data Centers
  • Desktop & Workstation
  • Disconnect & Packing
E-Waste Tub
  • E-Waste Handlers
  • Obsolete Electronics
  • E-Waste Streams
  • Wineries & Breweries
  • Plant Machinery
  • Machine Shops
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