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The Art of Efficient Packing: Tips for Commercial Relocation

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A successful commercial relocation hinges on meticulous planning and efficient execution. Packing, often the most underestimated step, holds the key to a smooth transition.

This guide shares expert insights from commercial movers who know the ins and outs of the art of packing for businesses.

Commercial Relocation Tips

Here are some valuable tips to master the art of efficient packing for your upcoming commercial move:

1. Start with Planning

Start by creating a detailed packing plan well in advance of the move date. Inventory all furniture, equipment, and office supplies. Categorize items based on priority and fragility. Ensure clear labeling that identifies the contents, destination room, and any special handling instructions.

2. Declutter and Purge

A commercial move presents a golden opportunity to declutter. Discard old files, unused equipment, and broken furniture. Donating unwanted items to charities not only reduces your moving load but also allows for a tax deduction.

3. Invest in Quality Packing Materials

Don’t skimp on packing materials. Invest in sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and furniture covers. Using the right materials ensures your belongings arrive at their new location safe and sound.

4. Disassemble When Feasible

Disassemble furniture whenever possible. This not only conserves space on the moving truck but also protects delicate pieces during transportation. Label all disassembled parts clearly with instructions for reassembly at the new location.

Alternatively, hire expert commercial movers like Valley Relocation, who will disassemble and reassemble furniture for you.

5. Utilize the Power of Color Coding

Employ a color-coding system to streamline the unpacking process. Assign a specific color to each department or floor of your new office. Label boxes and furniture accordingly, simplifying the unloading and placement process for the movers. Consider Valley Relocation’s experienced team for a stress-free move.

6. Pack an Essentials Box

Create an “essentials box” containing vital supplies needed on the first day at your new location. This could include coffee supplies, phone chargers, first-aid kits, basic tools, and a designated box cutter.

7. Documentation is Key

Maintain meticulous documentation throughout the packing process. Keep a detailed inventory list with box contents and room assignments. This will be invaluable for unpacking and organizing your new workspace.

8. Embrace Flexibility

Unforeseen circumstances can arise. Be adaptable and anticipate potential challenges. Leave adequate buffer room in your timeline for unforeseen packing needs.

9. Seek Professional Help

Consider partnering with a professional commercial moving company like Valley Relocation. Our experienced packers understand the art of efficient and secure packing. We not only offer packing services but also boast a team of skilled movers and installers, ensuring a seamless transition to your new location.

Valley Relocation’s packing material for commercial relocation.

Valley Relocation goes beyond packing. We offer a comprehensive range of commercial moving services, including planning, material delivery, unpacking, furniture installation, and even coast-to-coast shipping via their partnership with CRST.

Conquer your upcoming commercial relocation with Valley Relocation, your trusted commercial movers in Oakland!

Reach out to us today and experience the Valley Relocation difference!


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