What would happen if your business shut down for a day or even two?

Ask yourself how much money would be lost?Keep your business in business when moving Valley Relocation excellence in moving services

Suppose you said thousands of dollars, yikes! Losing any amount of money because you are moving your business is unacceptable! That is right, whether a move takes half a day, a full day, or two days – lost time and money is just that, lost!

So how does a company avoid losing money during a business move?

Determine what is needed to stay in operation. Besides employees. What is necessary to keep employees productive and attentive to your customers? The blog mentions customers extensively. Why? Because they are the ones that keep your business in business! Do not lose sight of your customers during the move process. Let your customers work for you. How, you ask? By telling them months in advance that your business is moving and why. You would be surprised how your customers react. Many make suggestions and offer solutions, so they do not have any hiccups on their end. Or they might ask point-blank, how will this affect my business? A question like this will need an answer. Addressing as many questions as possible before revealing the business is moving will keep the business in business!

The very first thing a business of any size should do is assign an internal moving team.

The moment the company learns it is moving is the time to dole out who will be responsible for the moving process and answering customer questions!

The team will not be involved in the physical aspect of the move! This team should have members on it that know the business’s entire operations and the significance of each department. Not just for operational production but also directly relating to customer quality assurance. With all that said, someone on the team needs to understand the building’s property regulations. The building the company is moving out of and the new business location’s building. What holds up a business move often is not having a COI? Will the moving company need a COI (certificate of insurance) to enter the buildings at both locations? If there are elevators at both locations, can the moving company get exclusive access on the move date(s)? Most important is to know the hours that the moving company can work in both buildings.

How the company communicates with customers before and during the move is crucial.

People, phones, and computers will need to be in place to handle your customers during the move’s duration. The question is, how many of each? How many employees answer phones? What is the minimal amount that can be offline at once and not jeopardize your customer service? Never assume or guess the answers to these questions!

Keep your customers informed that the business is moving.

Many businesses leave out customers when they know they will be moving. The repercussion may result in the loss of revenue! Spearheading this should be at the forefront by all employees during a move. Business owners and managers need to prepare employees to answer their customers’ questions if the move duration affects their services or product orders. And even if it does not, do not leave your customers out of the move! Notify them. Make it a big deal! It could turn into an event opportunity after the move. Anyhow, there is no reason to surprise a customer with news that the company has moved. Keep your customers informed. This way, if an act of God happens (e.g., bad weather, a moving truck gets stuck in traffic), your loyal customers know!

Does the company rely on technology to provide its services?

Most businesses do! IT support directly relates to keeping your business in operation during the move! For this reason, it’s vital to have the head of the IT equipment moving involved. IT equipment moving is an essential part of the move plan. If the business does not have an onsite IT equipment moving manager, it is crucial to have an IT Equipment moving company hire a moving company with a division that can do this for you. IT equipment is an immense asset to any business, and losing data or equipment should not happen during a move! BluLightTech is a division of Valley Relocation. They handled the most complicated server room moves, including disconnecting all devices and packing for travel. Plus, BluLightTech unpacks and reconnects everything at the new location. Consider IT Support one of the first topics to discuss with the moving company to implement into the move plan.

Now it is time to seek out a moving company. 

The success of a business move can be determined by who you choose as your moving company. A moving company that understands how to keep your business in business during the move is the one you need! A professional moving company representative is a part of the internal move team. Meet with them in person. A site survey is the best way to get an accurate cost estimate while developing a move plan. There’s a lot to say about a moving company that does not visit to see what’s involved in the move! If all they want to do is speak on the phone and have photos sent. The moving company will not invest time in your move. Think about all the items that make up the business? Machines, desks, IT equipment, all assets! There is no way they can do a proper move plan or offer vital expertise.

A Valley Relocation representative experience will save the entire team valuable time, money, and meltdowns!

What they will ask first is who is the point of contact at the business for the move. This person or people will need to be available to walk the move participating in the site survey. If items are staying or will be donated or better recycled, the representative needs to know this. For a successful site survey, make sure the moving representative can see all offices, paths of travel, and staging areas. They will be looking at more than what is moving. They look at doorways, flooring, hallway widths, steps, stairs, loading docks, parking access, etc.; the moving materials and equipment are partly based on onsite accessibility.

Let the Moving Services Crew do the moveLet the Moving Expert do their work!

The moving expert will help the team develop a thorough move plan. Flexible but not one to derail. Their expertise will help the team decide what to move first and staged to keep the business in operation during the move. A Valley Relocation representative will have a superintendent with them on a significant business move. Together they see different things but always see the best way to move items more efficiently. They may suggest a weekend move or after business hours or a multi-phase move. The professional business moving representatives will know precisely how to pack for unpacking; being organized keeps the business in operation! What can stay in files or what needs disassembling? How many installers and movers will need to be onsite? Often, the business that is moving thinks it’s helping the moving company by packing themselves. Do not pack anything without getting advice from the moving representatives.

One contact, One solution. Consider using a Full-Service Moving Company

Valley Relocation is a full-service moving company that knows how to package items for travel! Don’t think for one minute that a move within a space or city-to-city does not need extra precautions taken for package handling only because it is going a short distance. Packing items haphazardly results in damages short or long distance! The best thing a business can do is use the labels and the boxes the company delivers before moving. Listen to the representatives. Don’t take shortcuts because they may be faster or cheaper. The moving company has seen it all! You can help them by removing personal items, family photos, cash (yes, people keep money inside their desk) and jewelry, favorite coffee mugs, etc. However, large personal items such as furniture and artwork will be in the move plan and slated for special packaging and handling.

Do not have employees help the movers!

Because the moving company wants your business to stay in business when moving does not mean they want help from your employees to get it done quicker! Moving fast with inexperienced helpers is counterproductive. The movers know how to pack correctly at a pace that surprises most! The fewer employees at the move event, the better. Too many people in one space can lead to damaged items and someone getting hurt.

If a business’s employee gets hurt while moving, it can lead to a worker’s compensation claim. Even worst, you may lose the employee altogether due to the severity of the injury. Why take the employee away from their field of expertise. 

Furthermore, you do not want to be paying your high-salary employees to move you! If the move needs to occur during business hours, have the employees work remotely or schedule off-site training.

What to know more on how to keep your business in business when moving?

Moving Office Tips

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