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Business Relocation: 4 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid

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Whether your lease is expiring, or if your existing office has become too small for the team; the ultimate answer to both these problems is the same: office relocation. Whenever you set your intentions of relocating your office, don’t forget that the experience will be nothing short of harrowing.

We’re sure you’ve heard of several nightmare stories about relocation, and how many problems people face every time they try to relocate.

While the experience will be challenging, there are certain rookie mistakes you can avoid to make the process smooth and easy for everyone involved.

Let’s start exploring.

Mistake # 1: Relocating Without Insurance

Office relocations  mean that you need all your office equipment transferred from one office to another. While you and the movers might be careful with the equipment, there’s always the risk of breaking something or it getting damaged.

To avoid any such problems, make sure your equipment is properly insured. The insurance will bear any damage costs that arise and save you tons of money. Even if you’re not moving, it’s a great idea to get your equipment insured for future purposes.

Mistake # 2: Locating Without Professional Help

Several people out there might try to get things done themselves – they do this to try and save a few bucks. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes people can make while trying to relocate their business. Hoping to cut financial corners by avoiding hiring a professional relocation company will only cost you more than you can imagine.

A slight mistake can lead to bad publicity, legal problems, and financial nightmares. Instead of trying to manage it on your own, try and hire a reputable company that can help you relocate with ease. By hiring a professional company, you can reduce the risk of damaging equipment, and get things done far more smoothly.

Mistakes # 3: Relocating at the End

Most small-scale businesses will wait till the end of their lease agreement or their vacate date to finally start relocating – this is a mistake everyone needs to avoid.

Not deciding on time can be difficult to manage in the last few hours. You might not find the desirable relocating company; you might run the risk of not getting your finances in order.

A last-minute relocation will also create the chance of making several mistakes before finally moving out.

Mistake # 4: Casually Picking a Relocation Company

Once you convince small businesses to invest in professional relocation companies, you have to spend more time trying to convince them to pick wisely.

You can’t just hire the first person you see on a Google search result, you should do some research, ask for referrals, and cross-check the details before spending any money.

If you want a reliable relocation company to help your business relocate, then get in touch with Valley Relocation services.

We offer moving services for several types of industries across the bay area, Sacramento, and nearby places. Get in touch with us and book an appointment today!


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