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5 Factors That Will Affect Your Moving Estimate

estimating the cost of moving

Professional movers charge differently for a local move depending on various factors. Imagine moving to a different city or relocating a company.

This can go up quickly. But that’s not all. You might have some specific needs that you’ll require a specialty service for, or the move is a huge one, etc., all these factors can change your moving estimate.

When you hire a moving company, they look at several different factors, after which they’ll give you a moving estimate. Hiring the best company with the best prices is more difficult than you think.

1. Distance, Size & Time

The distance from your old place to the new location you’re moving to can change the price. Long-distance moves are calculated by the distance and item’s weight.

The size of your move and how long it will take to make it will also change the total cost. You can check the FMCSA guidelines that include examples of hours of service to get a general idea of what it can cost you based on the time it requires.

In addition, the price per hour for one professional working on your move will be different if the whole crew was working on it.

2. Date of the Move

The date matters as much as the move itself. Spring to late summers experiences major moves, which means you’ll be seeing price hikes in relocation.

Holidays and weekends will also cost more. If you’re hoping to save on weekdays, the fall or winter season will be the best time to save some money.

3. Packing, Moving, or Maybe Both?

Your moving estimate will change based on what service you need. Some people who want to save costs pack their belongings and hire a professional moving company to get them to their destination.

However, depending on how sensitive the cargo you’re transporting is and how much it is, it’s better to hire a company that will safely pack it.

4. Location is Important

Are you moving to a different city, or are you relocating within the city? Location is extremely important and will be a major factor in deciding your cost estimate.

In addition, the harder to get to places also can cost extra. These charges are usually called shuttle charges or haul charges.

5. Insurance and Coverage

All moving companies offer liability insurance because they are obligated to, but it might not be enough to put your mind at ease. You can apply for a higher coverage option, but this will cost you extra. Depending on the items you’re transporting, it’s something you might need to get anyways. Explore all the coverage options provided by your moving company.

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