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Office Relocating? 5 Questions to Ask Your Mover

commercial relocation in California

The global economy has had significant shifts, and as such, there have been changes in the way people view work.

Many companies have downsized their physical spaces since several people have opted for a work-from-home routine, and others are going hybrid.

Companies are moving, and the commercial moving industry is also growing, with a CAGR of 4% from 2020 to 2024.

Q1: Is the Company Accredited?

Moving companies should be accredited under either the FMCSA and can be found in their database or should have accreditation with the local moving association of their state.

If you can find a company under the FMCSA’s database, it means the company is legit. However, this doesn’t guarantee a good price or good service.

Q2: Is the Company a Broker or a Carrier?

Moving companies fall into three categories:

  • Brokers: Brokers outsource the moving to other companies they partner with. They post information about the needed services and the carriers’ bid on them. This can lower the cost but has its fair share of downsides.
  • Carriers: Carriers are residential and commercial moving companies with in-house staff and provide a seamless service compared to brokers.
  • Broker/Carrier Hybrid:The hybrid service has an in-house staff to handle basic moving needs and outsource specialty services

Q3: What Coverage Options Does the Company have?

When we talk about coverage options for a moving company, we mean an insurance-like service. This is given in case some items break or are misplaced during transit.

Commercial office moving companies and residential movers must provide basic liability coverage. See if the company offers full-value protection. It covers the items at their current market value.

Q4: What Services Does the Company Offer?

Not every company is the same; what one offers might not be the same as the other that advertises itself as a similar business. Some movers only offer the actual relocation.

However, companies like Valley Relocation offer planning, moving, and packing services. Always check their services list extensively to see if it covers a service crucial to your move.

Q5: Does the Company Have Any Hidden Fees?

Even some accredited companies might give you one estimate and then charge you extra fees on moving day. At that time, you’ll likely be stuck with them and forced to pay those fees.

Before you confirm with a business office movers, always ask if they have any hidden fees. They still might not inform you beforehand, which is why you should always check the reviews.

Take the customer reviews with a grain of salt as well, since mostly they aren’t fact-checked. But if there’s a consensus about the hidden fees, avoid those movers.

Hire Experienced Office Movers in California

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