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There is an old programmer’s aphorism that states: “Accurate, on time, on budget. You can pick any two.” Valley Relocation’s Concord crew (Dave & John R.) Let us have all three…Jim Robson, Thank you for setting it all up. Dave and John, you guys rock. Thank you!

– Kirk A. 

We just had Dave’s team do an office move of very heavy office furniture, wooden desks, wooden file cabinets, tables, chairs, and files from a 1400 sq. ft. office to a 10 x 20 storage facility. I was unsure it would fit at all, and they were all very professional and efficient.

– Judy H. 

We had a lot of heavy things with stairs, and they handled it nicely!

(Scope of work: disassembled 50 cubes, completed packing services, disconnect and reconnect desktop computer, and disposal and E-waste.)

– Stephanie P (Office Manager)

I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that our move was beyond successful. Your team was wonderful. They were prompt, professional and willing to do whatever it took to get the job done. I can’t begin to tell you how much all of that mattered.

– LoriAnn A. (Head of School)

Valley Relocation crew members arrived on time for deliveries and the moves. They
responded quickly to questions. Rene, the Supervisor, was exceptional in his
communications with me and the school administration during the move. He was available by cell phone and visible on-site with his crew. He responded quickly and effectively to requests during the move. Crew members were efficient, quick and friendly in their
moving and the job was done on-time and better than expected.

– Leigh C. – Facilities Planning Consultant 

Your guys were great; they did a fantastic job with everything.

(Scope of work: moved 35 people, disassembled cubes, removed inventory for disposal/recycle and disconnect and reconnect desktop computer)

-Priscilla Lu. 

Valley Relocation and Storage Inc. is by far the fastest and most professional movers I have ever used in my entire life.

I was/am in shock and awe of what David & Leo did in 5 & 1/2 hours, other moving companies would have taken twice the time. Nothing during the move by David & Leo was broken, damaged, or disappeared. All David & Leo were concerned about were my needs to get what I had in storage into my home as fast and as safely as possible. These two easily did the work of four men. Outstanding work ethic. 


– David Walker (As seen on Google My Business)

Valley Relocation is the go-to moving company in the Bay area. They have all the tools necessary to facilitate a seamless move for your home or your office. If you are in need, I highly recommend them.

– Derek Griego (As Seen on Google My Business) 

I just wanted to send a brief note on how satisfied I am with the job that Valley did on the project move. In short, the job was well done. The crew was on time and ready to work as scheduled and the work was performed in a very professional manner. We had some surprises to deal with such as the riggers over lapping on the first move day, but Valledy managed this change seamlessly. You made my job easy.

– Greg Watson – VP Operations

All the people we did business with through Valley Relocation and Allied Van lines were gracious and thoughtful. The quote and advice given were fair and reasonable. The movers were talented, energetic, always listening, desiring to please. My husband and I were extremely pleased with the service.

– Patti Victorson (As seen on Google My Business)

We just had Dave’s team do an office move of very heavy office furniture; wooden desks, wooden file cabinets, tables, chairs, and files.  All from our 1400 sq. ft. office to a 10 x 20 storage facility. I was unsure it would fit at all! It did! They were all very professional and efficient.

– Judy H. 

Reviews on Valley Relocations and Storage are best heard, not read!

Valley Relocation and Storage has been in the moving industry since 1985.

Long before the Internet was even a word, Valley was heard of and recognized in nearby communities and businesses by word of mouth. Today, there isn’t an industry we have not moved for. And in that same breath, not a state we haven’t relocated customers to.

Take extreme moving company reviews with a grain of salt! 

A word to the wise. Do not read too much into a single review. This applies to whatever services seeking; that of a landscaping company, a house painter, mortgage broker, or a moving company. Read more than one review and from more than one source. Most important, gather references and call them before contracting with any business. The moving industry is very competitive. Don’t panic or be scared away by an overly negative review. Ask the moving company for references.

Ask around for Reviews on Valley Relocation and Storage.


Not all websites for moving company reviews are the same. Each site has different standards and rules for posting. Some require that reviewers be members or subscribers to leave a review. This eliminates many customers who could potentially leave positive (or negative) reviews. Some review sites allow for updating reviews. After the issue has been resolved, others maintain negative content despite changes to the situation.

We recommend visiting many review sites to gain a well-rounded overview of customer experiences.

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