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How to Manage a Laboratory Relocation

A laboratory professional using a dropper on a petri dish

Biotech laboratory relocations are as tricky as commercial moves can get.

The biotech industry in the US has become one of the fastest-growing markets ever. Every year, various biotech laboratories report increasing revenues and operating expenses.

Some of these labs have also started relocating their facilities for reasons such as expansion and accessibility.

Managing a biotech lab relocation isn’t an easy feat by any means. There are many technical factors involved that require special attention by professional movers. Here are some ways to effectively manage a lab relocation.

Hire Professional Medical Movers

The best decision to make while planning a medical laboratory move is to hire professional medical facility movers. Professional business movers are skilled at performing various high-risk relocation tasks like lifting and loading heavy machinery.

Medical facility movers, in particular, can provide safe and efficient services for your relocation project. They can use their experience and skills to keep your lab items in good shape during the move.

Properly Uninstall and Disassemble Machines

Laboratory equipment and medical machines are becoming increasingly costly. Medical facilities can spend millions of dollars on acquiring such equipment, which is why ensuring their protection during a facility relocation is essential.

You can hire professional medical movers to properly uninstall and disassemble lab equipment.

They can use the right tools and materials to cause as little damage to your laboratory space and lab equipment as possible. They also help reduce the chances of your lab furniture getting scratched or damaged during the move.

Lift Heavy Items Using the Right Equipment

Another fool-proof way of ensuring the safety of your high-value lab items is by using the right moving equipment. There are various tools and equipment used to lift and maneuver certain items that regular people don’t typically have access to.

If you hire commercial movers, they can get access to such moving equipment and use it accordingly. This significantly reduces the chances of your lab machines getting damaged during the move.

Get Climate-Controlled Shipping Services

Laboratories also contain materials like temperature-sensitive medical specimens, pharmaceuticals, and patient samples.

All of these materials require specialized transportation services during their relocation. You should find business moving companies that offer climate-controlled shipping services.

These services help you ensure that your temperature-sensitive lab items are carried in suitable fleets.

You can incur hefty losses if your lab materials get damaged during the move, which is a cost most medical businesses can’t afford.

Find Reliable Laboratory Movers in California!

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