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How to Keep Your Valuables Safe During a Move

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Keeping your precious valuables safe is one of the most important things one should do during a move. Yes, it’s easy to trust someone, but it takes just one theft to change your mind. So, why risk it when prevention is possible?

Here are some security measures our San Jose mover recommend you should take to ensure no one gets their hands on your prized possessions:

Packing valuables

Take care of your fragile valuables by following these packing tips:

  • Know what you shouldn’t pack:While your mover may insist on moving all your valuables, it’s best to keep the most precious ones away from their reach. Valuables include appraisal documents, cash, collectibles, heirlooms, and jewelry.
  • Wrap large items such as furniture:Protect all your furniture items by taping soft padding. This helps safeguard not just your table but also your walls from scratches and dings. If possible, try wrapping soft furniture items like couches as well. This way, you’ll be keeping them clean during the move.
  • Label fragile boxes:Ensure you tell your movers about the boxes needing extra care. One simple thing you can do to get the message across is by labeling every such box with ‘FRAGILE.’
  • Don’t pack the fragile items before wrapping them: Bubble wrapand packing paper offer much-needed barriers between figurines, glassware, and dishes.
  • Pad boxes: Line every box with packing paper to create a buffer at their bottoms. Load the box and fill the box with another layer of paper. Lastly, shut the lit by taping it.

How to safeguard valuables during the movea man about to call residential movers in San Francisco

Hiring experienced movers is probably the best way to safeguard valuables of every shape and size. Because they’re experienced, they can make sure your belongings arrive without a scratch. Here’s how you can safeguard valuables during the move:

  • Insure your belongings: If you think you need that extra bit of protection for your valuable items, why not insure your belongings? By getting your belongings insured, you’ll be able to receive reimbursement for, replace, or repair damaged items. This will give you the peace of mind you deserve while your stuff is being moved.
  • Take inventory:Write descriptions and take pictures of every valuable item that’ll be moving. When your stuff arrives at your new home, verify that the condition of your belongings has remained the same. Don’t forget to jot down any damages on your final bill or the inventory sheet.
  • Build custom crates:If valuables don’t fit in a box, start constructing crates. Whether you’re moving a fish tank, chandelier, sculpture, or a priceless painting, crating is usually the best method.

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