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High Value Product Shipping

High-Value Product Shipping

Commercial & Residential Shipping for Domestic or International.

We are a High-Value Product Shipping handler.

Navigating specialized logistics transportation for domestic and international requires the attention of an experienced CRST agent. This is what Valley Relocation does every day. We’re a full service specialized transportation company that supports all clients and strives to provide utmost customer satisfaction. With our expertise, we help businesses and people solve their high-value product shipping needs.

What is considered a High-Value Product Shipping item?

First, you need to know the value of your high-value product (HVP’s) shipment. These can be considered fragile and costly if damaged or lost—also, a time-sensitive product needing special handling for pick-up through transportation to delivery.
For example, a luxury good can be a high-value product. However, complex industrial and electrical equipment pieces can be as well. Including high-technology devices with screens—likewise, artwork, artifacts, and antiques. Similarly, musical instruments, etc., grand pianos. Some medical machines are considered high-value products, examples; MRI machine or PET scanner.

A High-Value Product can also be an item Priceless to its Owner.

Honestly, hundreds of products are considered high-value. Above all, no one has a right to judge an item someone wants to ship. For this reason, Valley Relocation values understanding customer’s shipping needs. With that said, we work hard to get all shipments where they’re supposed to be on time and intact.

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We are a nearby logistics company with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. There’s not a question; this nearby logistics company or our CRST agent has not been asked.

High-Value Product Shipping


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High-Value Product Shipping involves Specialized Logistics for IT Equipment
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