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Everything You Need to Know About Moving a Retail Store

A large retail store with a cereal aisle

Imagine opening a store that runs great for a while, but then you find out about a great location opportunity a few blocks away from your current store. Would you take the chance to reduce your capital investment? Of course you would.

Even though deciding to relocate might be easy, the actual execution is difficult to execute out. There are several things that could completely offset your entire move.

If you’re planning a retail store relocation, here are some things you need to ensure before you make a decision. Let’s explore.

Feasible Date

One of the first few things you need to pay attention to is when and how you will be moving.

The date you decide shouldn’t coincide with a public holiday, a public demonstration, or other events that cause problems in relocation.

An ideal date would be when you expect low customer inflow—this will ensure that you don’t suffer a massive loss for closing down for a day or two.

Check Your Inventory

Planning a move is easy, and picking a date is easier – but what makes it difficult is not having complete control over your situation. People with retail stores need to be vigilant about the inventory and supplies.

It is essential to check the entire inventory and create a detailed log before transporting it to a new location.

You can even get rid of inventory you plan on replacing shortly, broken supplies.

Communicate with Customers

A great way to ensure that none of your customers is affected by the move negatively is to issue newsletters or communicate through social media where and when you’re moving.

Let them know the benefits of moving, like a bigger space, more inventory to choose from, etc.

Hire Professional Help

What you need the most in times of a retail shop relocation is a commercial moving service.

These services are usually aware of what they must do to ensure a safe, protected, and good quality transfer of your entire property.

If you’re looking for a good quality commercial office mover in San Francisco, all you need is a quick visit to Valley Relocation. We specialize in IT equipment moving, moving and storage, and offering other commercial moving services. Get in touch with our representatives, and schedule an appointment today!

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