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A Guide to a Successful Office Move

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Office relocation is a positive, exciting time for a company as it signals the expansion, success, and growth of a business. However, it can be stressful and equally challenging for everyone involved.

Amidst this whole chaos, you need to focus on even the minutest of details during an office relocation. While ensuring everything goes according to the plan, you’ll have to make sure your business isn’t negatively impacted.

Here’s our Sacramento moving service provider’s guide to a successful office move. Follow it to make relocation a far less daunting task.

6 months before the office move

  • Research moving companies and start getting quotes.
  • Create a budget but keep it a bit flexible to accommodate unforeseen costs, for example, repair costs that one may not spot before the move.
  • Decide the degree of outside support you’ll need.
  • Designate a project manager and assemble an office relocation team.
  • When appropriate, notify your existing landlord.
  • Set a move-in date for the new office.
  • Go through your existing lease. Review the notice period and whether there will be an additional charge for breaking the lease ahead of time.

3 months before the office movea man offering relocation services in Sacramento

  • Talk to your IT department about how the transition will take place to avoid large downtimes during the move.
  • Notify suppliers, clients, and partners. Since the move would be a few months away, they’ll appreciate the advance notification.
  • Talk to your employees and continue this until the move has been done. Make your employees fully aware of the relocation process by sharing expectations and timelines.
  • Formulate a moving plan and designate responsibilities. If you’re working with an office relocation partner, make internal project management the key point of contact.

2 months before the office move

  • Conduct personal audits of the workstation of every employee and as what they prefer. Use their preferences to create their new setup.
  • Analyze the floor plan and decide which furniture should go where. See if there’s enough space for practicing social distancing.
  • Plan the design of the new office. This may include working with a workplace consultancy or an interior designer.
  • Conduct an audit of equipment and furniture. Decide what will be donated, recycled, refurbished, stored, or kept. See if any items will require the assistance of a specialist for transporting and disassembling.

1 month before the office move

  • Schedule any repairs and cleaning services for your existing space after the move.
  • Talk to your relocation partners and internal team for finalizing the moving day plan.
  • Update mailing lists and subscriptions with your new address.
  • Transfer and/or cancel utilities to the new office.
  • Cancel any services at your existing office, for example, cleaning.
  • Talk to your employees and confirm moving dates.
  • If required, arrange any storage solutions.

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