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9 Services Valley Relocation Offers to Simplify an Industrial Relocation

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Commercial relocations are always challenging, which means that a company or an industry will require as much help as they can get to move things around. Several businesses try to move their equipment, machinery, and other things on their own, while some are often looking for professional help to simplify their relocation experience.

Similarly, with industrial relocations, it’s almost impossible for owners to relocate entire factories and industries without professional help. Since they have large-scale equipment and machinery, they need equipment rigging services to move them around. But equipment rigging isn’t the only thing they will require from professional movers. Moreover, not all professional moving companies can offer high-end industrial moving services since it requires heavy moving equipment.

Luckily, Valley Relocation can easily provide moving services to large-scale industries. These services are designed and offered to simplify industrial relocation services. Keep reading to explore some of the top most relocation services that we have to offer than can make your industrial transition easier.

Let’s begin!

1. Commercial Relocation Services

Like many other professional movers, Valley Relocation offers basic commercial relocation services. These services include basic movement, loading equipment onto vans, and properly packing essentials to ensure they can be safely moved around.

These commercial relocation services can improve how a business can move from one place to another instead of trying to do it all themselves.

2. Specialized Transportation

A red and white truck moving on a large highway surrounded by wild shrubs.

Each business and industry has its own prerequisites for moving from one location to another. While some businesses might not have enough things to move to the new location, others might have larger inventories and equipment that they need to move to the new location.

Luckily, to move from one location to another, Valley Relocation offers a range of different types of specialized transportation logistics. Here are some of the most common and popular types of specialized transportation that you can hire while moving.

High-Value Product Shipping

One of the most popular and common types of specialized transportation includes high-value product shipping. This type of transportation offers industries the choice to send high-value and expensive material with high-end security and packaging. High-value product shipping helps businesses move their expensive equipment, machinery, and more separately from other types of equipment and furniture that don’t need extra care during the move.

Final Mile

The next important step in the delivery process is the final mile shipping. This is usually the last step of the product’s shipping phase. While most movers send their equipment and machinery from one location to another, others use a mediating position before sending it to the final location. They often send their products or machinery to the warehouse for a while and then move the final product to the new location.

This is called the final mile shipping when a product is taken from the mediating place to the final location.

Industry Specific Transportation

Another important and essential specialized transportation includes industry-specific transportation services. These transportation services are carefully designed to cater to specific industries. These transportations help large industries such as manufacturers, servicing industries, and more move their heavy equipment, machinery, and furniture from one location to another.

Since the transportation is industry-specific, they are designed to specifically cater to that particular industry and provide a detailed and simplified moving experience.

3. IT-Equipment Moving

Large servers stacked side by side in an office space.

Technology has improved and advanced over the last few decades. Whether it’s small businesses or large industries, several types of technology are being used for production, manufacturing, and so much more. With technological advancements, more and more businesses and industries are now relying on the proper functionality of machinery and equipment.

Since machinery and equipment are easily found in all industries, it is also meant to be moved during an industrial relocation. But, moving this IT equipment and machinery isn’t always the easiest thing – it can get extremely complex and difficult as non-specialists try to move them around. This is why it’s important to note that Valley Relocation has taken out the time to design and gather around a team of expert IT equipment movers that are well-equipped and well-trained to handle different types of machinery and IT equipment moving.

IT-equipment movers can help industries easily uninstall their machinery, properly pack it, and then carefully install it in the new location. Their precision and carefulness help make sure that the equipment is moved safely and securely.

4. Facility Services

When we move into a new location or a factory, we often find that things are new and polished properly. However, with years of use and function, the property often experiences wear and tear and isn’t always in the best condition when you finally decide to evacuate it. As tenants or people who are leasing the property, you have to submit a security deposit for the location that acts as insurance for the landlord. This means any damage that is done to the property will be taken out from the security deposit.

Since the security deposit is refundable when you evacuate the place for good, there are certain conditions through which you can get your money back. The security deposit is an awfully large amount, and therefore most businesses are trying to get it back as soon as possible.

But, if your property has some considerable wear and tear, you might risk losing the money altogether. So, what can you do to improve your chances of securing the deposit? Valley Relocation helps businesses get their security deposit back by ensuring that when they leave, they leave a spotless and clear property for the landlord. Facility services by the commercial moving business help organizations and industry owners empty out a place, clean it up, patch dry walls, and do a lot more to ensure that the place is returned to its optimal condition to the landlord.

5. MAC Services

Two people moving a piece of equipment across the industry floor.

While most moving businesses only offer relocation services for businesses that are choosing to move from one location to another, Valley Relocation is one moving company that offers onsite relocation services. They help businesses add, move, and change their setting, alignment, and redecorate with ease.

Whether it’s to add new space in the existing office space or industry or to move from one room to another, the expert movers are equipped to help businesses sort it all out.

6. Commercial E-Waste Donation & Disposals

Businesses often have several different things that they don’t need anymore, but they continue to store them, hoping that they will be of use in the near future. However, when a business decides to move from one location to another, they can finally get rid of these things to reduce relocation costs and make it easier to sort the new location and avoid overcrowding.

However, not all businesses know how to properly dispose of their equipment, used machinery, and broken furniture. Instead of just abandoning it in empty landfills and locations and adding to the overall industrial pollution, it’s better to find a professional service that can take care of the disposal for your business. One way that Valley Relocation helps makes the disposal easy is by offering its commercial e-waste donation and disposal services.

This is where moving experts from the business get in touch with the business and take their equipment, furniture, or machinery that they no longer use or want to replace and donate to a firm or company that might need it but can’t necessarily afford it. These services help businesses reduce their cluster and improve their overall sorting technique.

7. Warehouse & Storage Services

A large warehouse and storage facility with several boxes stacked on shelves.

Another extremely important service that Valley Relocation offers to its clientele is the warehouse & storage services that help businesses keep a check on their inventory. While most businesses and manufacturers are quick to move all of their belongings, others might store some of their equipment at a distant location and get the basic commercial move out of the way first.

Once they are done with completely moving their premises to the new one, they start thinking about bringing the rest of their equipment back to the new location. But what mediating location is the best for keeping things stored safely and in optimum conditions?

Valley Relocation’s warehouse and storage services are created especially to help such businesses improve their industrial relocation experience. Our warehouse services aren’t like the usual commercial ones and instead offer diverse and easy storage options. The warehouses don’t limit access and allow owners and other authorized persons to access their own goods and services.

Moreover, the warehouse offers the service where they also receive deliveries on behalf of their clientele. Since during relocation, businesses often get overwhelmed by several different responsibilities. These responsibilities are more important, and therefore, business owners don’t need to worry about the incoming deliveries and how to properly stock them amidst a complex move.

This is when they can divert their deliveries to the warehouse, where responsible personnel will take the deliveries for you and stock them with immense care to make sure that they aren’t damaged or lost while you’re focused on the commercial move.

8. Free Site Surveys

When you’re hiring moving services, it’s important that you look for services that are trustworthy, dependable, and offer the right kind of services. These services often include commercial relocation, specialized shipping, and specialist IT movers. However, it’s extremely important that businesses look for movers that are ready to offer specialized and customized services based on their needs and requirements for the move instead of judging each client with the same yardstick.

So, when you’re looking for moving services, make sure you look for a service that offers free site surveys. These site surveys can help movers understand the needs and requirements for the move of a business. It helps them assess how many movers will be required, whether an IT staff is needed for the move or not, and if the company needs specialized transportation or not.

Based on these surveys, the movers can decide the kind of moving services the business requires and then create a package for them. The client will then be priced according to these packages and their prices. This helps reduce any kind of confusion for the business and preps the movers well enough to ensure that the industrial relocation is simplified in every way possible.

9. Packing & Unpacking Services

While it may seem extremely small and insignificant, packing can play a huge role in how successful and how easy the relocation can be. Businesses that don’t pay enough attention to their packing needs might experience loss of equipment, furniture, and other belongings during the move. The same business can experience damaged and faulty products when they finally reach the new location.

Luckily, Valley Relocation offers specialized and carefree packaging and unpacking services where they carefully remove the packing and pack the equipment to ensure safe and easy travel for the products and equipment. The more effectively these are packed, the easier it will be to move things around without worrying about damaging them on the move.

Simplify Your Move with Valley Relocation, Today

Simplifying industrial relocation can be a hassle, and moving from one location to another isn’t always easy – there are so many things that a business needs to evaluate and assess before it can wave the green flag. In this blog, we’ve explored the different moving services that commercial moving company offers.

Now that you know how to simplify your industrial move, it’s time you find a companion that can help you every step of the way. Despite the many options, hiring Valley Relocation for the job is your safest bet. We are a competitive and successful moving company that has more than three decades of experience under our belt.

Not only do we offer streamlined and seamless moving services, but we offer specialized transportation, warehouse services, facility services, and a lot more to make your relocation experience a wholesome one. So, what are you waiting for? All you need to do is pick up your phone, dial our number, and get in touch with our team to let them know about how we can help you out.

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