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4 Ways to Keep Your Business Up & Running During a Commercial Move

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For a business in the 21st century and the year 2022, if you’re not available around the clock, you aren’t doing enough to keep your business up and running.

There are several businesses that get a bad reputation because of their responsiveness. A business in today’s world has to be prompt, available, and always ready to serve its customers and clientele.

However, how can you keep providing services and products when you’re trying to relocate to new and better office space?

The answer is pretty simple. As long as you have a good contingency plan, you can keep running your business, reduce delays, and keep your customers happy and satisfied.

With these techniques to keep your business operational and available you can reduce customer dissatisfaction. Let’s explore!

Create a Temporary Work Desk

Just because your inventory and furniture are moving around, doesn’t mean you have to halt all office functions. With the world now learning to operate using centralized cloud systems, you can easily access all important information with the help of your cloud server.

Set up a temporary workspace for departments such as customer care and sales. They can coordinate with their customers and clients, and be available in case a problem arises.

Become Consumer Focused

What’s the answer to a good customer service? Make your customer the top priority. Anything that you’re about to do, or your business is going to be involved in, you have to communicate to your customers.

You can send out an email or announce the move on your social media. Assure them that your services will be up soon, and meanwhile, you will be available through other communication channels for any help or support required.

Use Warehouse & Storage Facilities

You don’t have to have a functioning office space to continue receiving and sending shipments. You can use a commercial warehouse and storage service, through which you can continue to ship products to relevant customers.

This way your operations won’t stop for longer than they should, and your customers will remain satisfied. This can also help reduce the time you have to wait for supplies to arrive for your production processes.

Set a Strict Deadline

Companies that set strong and stringent deadlines are good at carrying out a smooth and prompt relocation. You need to create a detailed moving plan and create an attainable deadline.

Kickstart your preparations a few days before the starting date, and try to wrap up before the deadline, to give you enough buffer time to smooth out any loose ends.

Hire a Commercial Moving Service

To make your office move smoother and more organized, hire our experts at Valley Relocation. We offer commercial moving services, commercial warehouse, and storage facilities, and climate-controlled shipping to ensure a safe and smooth transition. Get in touch with our representatives to get a quote for our services, today!

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