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4 Vital Marketing Tips When Relocating Your Restaurant

A Vacant Restaurant with Exposed Brickwork and Beams and Tall Windows Having Just Been Emptied by Commercial Moving Services

Relocating a restaurant has gotten much easier since digital marketing became the norm. All it takes for you to ensure a smooth transition is to make a few posts in the days or weeks leading up to the move for people to know you’re changing locations.

Keeping that in mind, let’s look at some marketing tips to try before relocating your restaurant with Valley Relocation.

1. Customers: The First to Know

Customers are a restaurant’s bread and butter, so you don’t want them to be the last to know. As soon as you confirm a relocation, no matter how small it might be, bring your customers into the loop through social media, email, or video message.

Start by explaining why you’re moving, and include your new address and reopening date in the message, post, or video. Spread this on all your digital media to ensure maximum visibility.

2. Ramp Up Your Content Marketing Efforts

You’ll be closing your physical doors, not your virtual ones. If anything, you should pump more content on your digital platforms to stay visible and relevant and maintain engagement with your followers and customers.

Don’t just use your on-page and off-page SEO content for updates on opening dates, launches, and whatnot. Share organic content to rank higher on search engines, retain existing customers, and attract new ones to your new location.

3. Update Your New Location

Sometimes the thing that should be the first order of business skips your mind amid the 10,000 things you must do during a relocation and storage project. Yes, we’re talking about your restaurant’s new location, particularly its address.

We’ve talked quite a bit about how you should announce your new address everywhere. These announcements will get old and lost among the millions of announcements, emails, and posts to follow, but your new address won’t go anywhere if you update it on the relevant pages.

Let Google My Business know your new address and business hours and update it on your website and social media bios. If you’re on other business directories, let them know about this location change, so your customers don’t end up going to your old restaurant.

4. Organize Promotions

Digital marketing isn’t the only way to spread the word about your new restaurant. You could organize closing promotions, eating competitions, and discounts at your current address to let people know you’re closing, but only for now.

Your discounts and offers would attract new customers, too, and encourage many to visit your new location.

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