IT Data Center Movers for all equipment.

We are an IT Equipment Moving Company Specialist.

We Plan, Disconnect, Pack, Move, & Re-install.

Due to the pandemic, Valley Relocation’s IT Data Center Movers, the entire IT Equipment Moving Company is in high demand. Schedule a site survey and secure your move date. Waiting could delay your IT equipment move.

Disconnecting Monitors is a service by our IT Technology Moving Company

Monitor De-install / Re-install / Off and On Arms

IT Data Center Mover work at dissembling

Data Center De-Rack, Re-Rack, Re-Cable

Office Mover is decommissioning office equipment

IT Equipment Packing and Moving

IT Data Center Mover disconnects hard drive

Disconnect and Reconnect Computers

Office Mover includes label for recycle

Complete IT Data Center Relocation

“BluLightTech” division provides; Moves, Adds, and Changes (MAC).

We have years of experience as an IT Equipment Moving Company, specializing in Data Centers. To be candid, moving IT equipment, especially in large quantities, can quickly become complicated. Therefore, we recommend BluLightTech project managers and teams. With our IT Equipment Moving Company teams, our customers never have to lift anything. The teams handle the entire IT equipment move. Our data center movers are ultracareful. They’re not just movers. They are IT Technicians!

From small server moves to moving hundreds of data center assets. Valley Relocation’s BluLightTech teams are trained to physically prep and pack to avoid loss.

Valley’s IT Technology Movers can work independently or with your team.

Regularly, Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, and Sacramento businesses use our BluLightTech services. They have completed multiple critical relocations for leading global IT corporations. That is to say, we are helping all size organizations adapt to changing business conditions.

We help businesses with:

Planning and Project Management
Moving and Rigging Services
Data Center Server Relocation Packaging
Complete Site Demolition and Decommissioning
Disposal and Recycling of Base Materials

The IT Data Center Movers work in all states.

The teams from BluLightTech work and travel to all states. To clarify, because we packed the IT equipment – customers usually want us to re-install it. Our IT Data Center Movers will ensure installation at designation gets completed properly. 

Valley’s “BluLightTech” IT Technology Moving Company Services:

  • Disconnect / Reconnect Computers
  • Monitor De-install / Re-install off & on Arms
  • Disconnect / Reconnect Phones, Polycoms, & Printers
  • Data Center (Server Room) Cable Trace, De-Cable, De-Rack, Re-Rack, and Re-Cable.
  • Adds, moves, changes (MAC Services)
  • Deployment of IT equipment
  • Imaging
  • Electrical Work
  • Data Cabling Low Voltage
  • Security Systems Installs and De-Installs
  • IT & Data Support Long Term and Short-term

How we prepare and execute all Data Center IT Equipment moves.

Key components to a successful data center or any IT Equipment move are preparation and experience. We assist customers with planning and coordinating proper shutdown, de-racking, shipping logistics, and re-racking. In conclusion, during the move at any time, we will be able to find any device on our truck(s) or in the staging area(s). 

  1. Create inventory
  2. Back up your data
  3. Use proper packing and labeling materials
  4. Determine what IT Equipment goes first
  5. Prep our move teams
  6. Complete the move logistics
  7. Create a thorough testing plan.

Questions we ask customers. 

  • Are your servers being moved in the rack or de-racked?
  • If the rack is being moved full (servers intact), has the travel path been verified to ensure the items fit in and out of the buildings without tilting the rack?
  • How long will it take you to power down the servers and related components? This process can take minutes to hours depending on your server room complexity.
  • What’s your load and unload plan?

Call (800) 284-6285 Let us move your IT equipment safely!

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